We are pleased to offer some new “add-ons” to our Slumber Tent Packages! Any of the following can be added to your rental during the booking process.

Slumber String Art/Take Home Gift2 items off of your “to-do” list

$10 per guest 


  • Prepared nail board ready to string
  • Embroidery thread
  • Instructions
  • Gift wrapping to send home in
  • created by @lovelyladykrafts

Tiny Twinkle Tents – a slumber tent for an 18″ doll or stuffy

$5 rental per tent

Tiny Twinkle Tents are the perfect addition to your child’s abc2 slumber party…their special stuffy or doll can slumber along with them!  Fabrics to match or compliment child sized tents.

Slumber Mask and Flashlight Package – sweet dreams  🙂

$5 per guest

Sleep masks are lined with soft fabric and come with a variety of sayings and colours.  Flashlights come with batteries and provide ample light for any little slumber star!

Slumber Star Scrunchiesthe perfect giveaway

$5 per guest

Many colours to choose from, can be pre-ordered (please allow for delivery time) and can match any of our themes.

  • created by @sewnineties

Personalized Sanitizer Spritzers – fun and functional

Customize for your guests or choose one theme for all, it is up to you! Bottles come empty.

1 theme/picture for all bottles-$5.00/each

Guest names and image-$7.00/each


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