Slumber Tent – Pricing

(Siblings Only
  • $40 (porch drop) OR
  • $50(full set-up/take-down) per tent, mix and match our tents to make all of your kiddos a Slumber Star.
  • **This is our only Porch Drop option**
  • (Pricing for 24 hour rental)
Four Tent Slumber Party
  • Four slumber tents, perfect for a first slumber party, small spaces or even a sweet kids corner at a wedding!
  • (Pricing for 24 hour rental)
Six Tent Slumber Party
  • Six is a perfect size for a slumber party with friends or cousins! Watch your Slumber Star sparkle as the centre of attention!
  • (Pricing for 24 hour rental)
Eight Tent Slumber Party
  • For the guests you just can’t slumber without! Our eight tent set up is perfect for a larger space or rec-room. Eight is Great!
10 Tent Slumber Party
  • This is definitely going to be a party to remember! Sports teammates, large family gathering, special birthday celebration…this is a large set up fit for a Star!
Twelve Tent Slumber Party
  • Slumber Party of the Century! Go big or go home, a great option for scout/girl guide groups, teams or just lots of special guests! A large rec-room or great room is required to make this set-up the most memorable.
Custom Slumber Party
  • For that special theme or event!
  • Cost based on the number of tents. and any extra features required or sourced will be invoiced. Customization will be based on availability of tent colours/theme pieces.

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