Slumber Tent – Themes

Super Snoozers

A super hero themed Slumber Party! Three patterned tents and two “jersey” tents in blue. Solid yellow, green or blue can be added to make this a larger set-up.

Harry Potter

A magical theme complete with floating keys, potion bottles and custom cutouts! Drift wood wands and Potter glasses for $5 per guest. Ravenclaw (blue) and Slytherin (green) also available.

Apres Sleep

A cabin theme to cozy up in! This theme is red, white and blue with cabin/ski themed print. We can expand Apres Sleep with solid blue or burgundy to make it even bigger and better!

Slumber n’ the Jungle

One of our first themes, this one is still a hit! Perfect for the party kid at heart! Shrink this set-up to 4 or expand to 12+ all in pink, white, black and animal print fun!

Tweet Dreams

Our original theme is sure to bring “tweet” dreams with its calm pastels and birdhouse themed print. This set can expand to 8+ with the inclusion of soft orange and/or white lace.

Sleeping Beauty

Our most popular theme! Up to 10 tents available and customizable with Daisies and Burlap OR Rosie and Grey! Sweet and sophisticated, perfect for little or big slumber Stars.

Sequinned Slumber

Teal, purple and sequins make this set-up sparkle! Perfect for a mermaid or unicorn themed sleepover. We can expand this set-up using our Sleeping Beauty tents, making it even bigger and better!


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